Kurt Skifstad

CEO, ArborMetrix

Kurt Skifstad is a five-time entrepreneur with over 23 years of experience building software companies. He has built teams and products from scratch, pivoted existing teams and products, built and run international distribution channels, built and run global professional services organizations and created successful business partnerships with market leaders.

Kurt is CEO of RPM portfolio company ArborMetrix, a healthcare analytics platform that helps healthcare providers measure cost and quality improvement. Previously, he served as CEO of RPM portfolio company Kontextual, a cloud-based platform aimed at helping enterprises create transparent, metric-driven cultures. He founded his first company, Imageware, in 1991 where he served as President through its acquisition by SDRC. Kurt has held the positions of CTO of Transom Technologies (sold to Engineering Animation), Director of Europe for Engineering Animation (sold to EDS), President and COO of SherTrack LLC (still operating), CEO of Clueray, Inc (stopped operations in 2009), and Interim CTO of Kabongo. He also served as a founding board member of Virage (went public in 2002, now part of Autonomy), which was incubated and spun out from Imageware in 1996.

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