What We Invest In

With investing, we stick to our knitting. If we don’t see a clear path for us to add value, because of our relationships and experience, we’ll pass on investing. With that in mind, we invest in the following types of companies:


  • First check – We are a founding investor in numerous deals, often investing before there is a product or management team in place. In fact, we were the first capital in for many of our current portfolio companies.
  • Seed – In addition to leading seed rounds, we’ll also participate in seed rounds where we have an established relationship with the co-investors and/or entrepreneurs.
  • Follow On – We’ll lead or participate in later rounds when we are brought to the table by existing investors because we have a specific expertise or unique set of relationships.


  • Automotive Industry IT and Connected Car – Companies providing IT solutions for the auto sector are a natural fit for us, as we are located near the heart of the auto industry and have a unique set of relationships and expertise in this sector.
  • Solutions for Industrial and Retail Enterprises
  • E-commerce – As entrepreneurs, having pioneered some of the original methods for e-commerce transactions and helping launch the first Internet merchants to investing in modern e-commerce innovators, we have deep expertise in this sector.
  • Online Marketplaces – With over a decade of experience in this segment, we’ve taken specific interest in online marketplaces and the efficiencies they create. Today we are recognized as one of the industry’s experts in this sector.
  • Cloud and Social Media Infrastructure – With all the data on the social web, we see a tremendous opportunity for software infrastructure plays that turn “big data” into actionable information and span all social verticals.