What We Invest In

With investing, we stick to our knitting. If we don’t see a clear path for us to add value, because of our relationships and experience, we’ll pass on investing. With that in mind, we invest in the following types of companies:


  • Early Stage Series A rounds are our “sweet spot” – We typically like to lead financings after companies have early revenues, rational unit-economics, and an opportunity for RPM to add its hands-on industry expertise.
  • First Check & Seed – We are a founding investor in numerous deals and have, at times, invested before there is a product or management team in place. We were the first capital in for several of our current portfolio companies.
  • Series B – We will lead or participate in later rounds when there is a definitive means for the Firm to bring its specific skill-set or unique relationships to the entrepreneurs.


  • Automotive and Transportation – Companies providing technology solutions for the auto sector are a natural fit for us, as we are located near the heart of the auto industry and have a unique set of relationships and expertise in this sector. We have been investing in the space for nearly two decades, and have had several successful exits in the sector.
  • B2B Enterprise Solutions: – We have made prior investments in Enterprise Cloud, Social Media Infrastructure, Internet of Things (IoT), and Security. We especially like companies with strong leveraged distribution models, and those that are selling to a customer with an identifiable pain and a budget and priority to solve it.
  • Marketplaces – With over a decade of experience in this segment, we’ve taken specific interest in marketplaces (with emphasis on the Insurance and FinTech sectors) and the efficiencies they create