What We Believe

Our Core Values

As former entrepreneurs, we worked with a variety of venture capitalists. Based on that experience, we saw the opportunity to bring an entrepreneur’s approach to investing and provide a higher level service to entrepreneurs.

We follow a principled approach to venture capital and run our business according to the following core values:

Sense of Duty

There are four foundational pillars by which we lead our lives: A duty to our family, business, community, and civil society. At no single point in time can one be balanced, but over the course of a lifetime we aim to achieve a balance of these four pillars of duty.

It’s About the Entrepreneur

Our top priority is always our companies and the people that work in them, and we’ll drop everything else to focus on them if they need us. The best part of our job is that we get to work with amazing entrepreneurs that aspire to change the world!

Invest Where We’d Work

Before we invest, we have a simple test: If we weren’t venture capitalists, would we work for the CEO and with the founders every day? If the answer is no, clearly it’s not the right fit for us. We challenge entrepreneurs to ask the same question about working with RPM.

Culture and Early Stage DNA

We are conscious of the importance of culture at the early stage and as such are deliberate about the way we’ve built our firm, and we expect the same of our portfolio companies.