About Us

RPM Ventures, founded in 2000, is a seed and early stage venture firm with over $200 million in asset under management. RPM’s investments and deep partnerships with entrepreneurs reflect the team’s roots in the innovative culture of Silicon Valley and the work ethic and core values of the Midwest. The firm focuses on investing in B2B Enterprise Solutions, Marketplaces (with emphasis on the Insurance and Fintech sectors) and has a specialty in the Automotive and Transportation sector, including: Autonomy, Connected Car, and Mobility. RPM’s invests across all geographies and has operations in both Silicon Valley and the Midwest

  • We are generally thesis-driven investors with expertise and relationships that overlap the areas of our focus
  • We look to build a significant relationship with the founding team before investing and take a whole-team-approach when evaluating opportunities
  • We have deep partnerships with our portfolio companies and are “hands-on” investors, a result of our experience as former entrepreneurs
  • We require from ourselves a genuine alignment with our entrepreneurs; our Managing Directors are the Firm’s largest investors
  • We have a diverse group of aligned Limited Partners, including: private foundations, family offices, fund of funds, charitable organizations, and strategic corporate investors (leading insurance firms, global auto fleet owners, and multi-national automotive manufactures)

What We Look For

  • Entrepreneurial Teams with horsepower and skills to overcome adversity
  • Complex, Entrenched Pains that are identified with budgets to solve them
  • Business Models with rational unit economics that fundamentally shift industry revenue or cost curves
  • Large, Growing Markets in the U.S. and globally
  • Industry Changing Vision, bucking conventional wisdom


Since we independently evaluate and actively engage with our portfolio companies, we typically will lead investment rounds and will often join as a member of the company’s board of directors. And, as a result of the deep partnerships we have with our entrepreneurs, we support our portfolio companies through later stages of financing by reserving additional capital for follow-on investment rounds.

  • Series A – This is our “sweet spot”. We typically invest in companies that have early revenues, rational unit economics, and an opportunity for RPM to add its hands-on industry expertise.
  • Seed Because we are thesis-driven, we have been a founding investor in numerous deals and have, at times, invested before there is a product or management team in place.
  • Series B – We will lead or participate in later rounds when there is a definitive means for the Firm to bring its specific skill-set or unique relationships to the entrepreneurs.


We are thesis-driven investors that are most helpful in providing value when business models overlap into multiple sectors of our expertise. As a result of our long-standing areas of focus, we are well positioned to bring our resources to each portfolio company as they scale their business.

  • Automotive and Transportation Companies providing technology solutions for the automotive, mobility, and transportation sector are a natural fit for us, as we are located near the heart of the auto industry and have a unique set of relationships and expertise in this sector. We have been investing in the space for nearly two decades, have had several successful exits, and are recognized as thought leaders in the sector.
  • B2B Enterprise Solutions – We have made prior investments in Enterprise Cloud, SaaS, Infrastructure, Internet of Things (IoT), Human Resources, and Security.
  • Marketplaces – With over a decade of entrepreneurial experience in this segment, we’ve taken specific interest in marketplaces (with emphasis on the Insurance and FinTech sectors) and the efficiencies they create.

What’s In The Name…?

An RPM gauge indicates how hard an engine is working. We chose the name RPM because it truly reflects our fundamental philosophy of working hard to support entrepreneurs and portfolio companies as well as our dedication to helping create high growth early stage companies.